Meet the Team

Dr. Isaac Watemberg - Fort Worth, Texas family physician

Isaac Watemberg, MD


“I like to listen to my patients very carefully and involve them in the plan of treatment. Explaining what’s going on is my main goal when I see a patient. If the patient understands what’s going on and the treatment plan, they will get involved in the decision-making process and they will be more compliant.”

Dr. John Staniland - family practice doctor in Fort Worth, TX

John Staniland, MD


“Our care philosophy is that the physician-patient relationship is a partnership, not a dictatorship. We deal with whatever problems and challenges that present themselves as the patient works towards true wellness.”

Dr. Triwanna Fisher-Wikoff - Fort Worth family practice doctor

Triwanna Fisher-Wikoff, MD


“Family medicine is the one specialty where I felt I could really make a difference in their lives. There are so many health issues that you can impact as a family physician, from controlling patients’ diabetes to blood pressure to simple preventative care.”